A binary distribution of Lua for z/OS, with batteries


Welcome to the Lua4z documentation.

New to Lua?

If you are new to the Lua programming language:

  1. Visit the official Lua website and have a look around.

  2. Read the Wikipedia article on Lua.

  3. If you are concerned about investing time in learning a new programming language, see the complete syntax of Lua.

  4. If you wonder how much functionality Lua4z offers, see the list of extensions included with Lua4z and delve into their documentation. In particular, look at Penlight.

  5. Return here and read the introduction to Lua4z.

About this documentation

This documentation is included in the doc directory of the Lua4z distribution and published on the Lua4z website. The documentation on the web might be more recent than the documentation in your downloaded distribution.

This documentation is not a comprehensive reference to Lua. To learn Lua, read the Lua Reference Manual and the Programming in Lua book.

This documentation contains two types of information:

  • Information that applies to Lua on any platform
  • Information that applies only to Lua4z

The Manual heading contains information that mostly applies only to Lua4z.

The Modules heading contains a mixture of information because LDoc, the documentation tool used by Lua4z, includes documentation for the Lua standard libraries and some extensions. The Lua4z documentation includes that LDoc-supplied documentation. Consequently, the Lua4z documentation describes all standard library functions, not just those introduced by Lua4z. In the standard library documentation, functions introduced by Lua4z are marked by the symbol .

The Lua4z documentation includes documentation for only some of the extensions included with Lua4z.


ispf ISPF support for Lua.
ispf.lmmlist Classes for ISPF member lists.
bit32 Bitwise operations standard library.
coroutine Coroutine functions: a sub-library of the basic library, in the table coroutine.
debug Debug standard library.
global Basic standard library.
iconv POSIX iconv binding for Lua.
io I/O standard library for manipulating files.
lfs LuaFileSystem.
lpeg A pattern-matching extension library based on parsing expression grammars (PEGs).
math Mathematical standard library.
os Operating system (OS) standard library.
package Package standard library.
string String standard library.
table Table manipulation standard library.