What is Lua4z?

Lua4z is a binary distribution of the Lua programming language, with "batteries" (a collection of extension libraries), for the IBM® z/OS® mainframe operating system.

Lua4z requires z/OS 1.12, or later. Lua4z runs in MVS® batch, TSO batch and foreground, and z/OS UNIX®.

Where does Lua4z come from?

Lua4z is built from the original Lua source, with changes for z/OS, by Fundi Software.

Fundi Software has been developing z/OS tools for over 20 years.

Lua4z is free

Lua4z is available at no charge with no support contract.

For details of commercial support contracts, contact the Lua4z team.

We also plan to develop commercial Lua4z extensions, such as extensions for CICS®.

Download Lua4z now

cksum: 3748757806 9421746 Installation instructions

Tip: You can use curl to download Lua4z directly to z/OS UNIX.

If you download Lua4z, we'd like to hear from you. Please introduce yourself.